A project for facilities and amenities at Fairview Park was commissioned by Dublin City Council in 2002, in anticipation of the reinstatement of the existing sports pavilion, bedding display and bandstand which were removed during the construction of the Dublin Port Tunnel.
A consistent language of slatted timber was adopted for the various structures, seeking to establish a specific identity for the public face of the Park. The sports pavilion, containing changing rooms, referees’ room and showers, employs a double envelope and remains lit up at night, contributing to the passive surveillance and security of the front area of the Park.
The bandstand consists of a translucent roof structure with slatted timber ceiling below, and incorporates a brick plinth containing storage for chairs for daytime concerts. The plinth is entered via a mound which acts as the flower bed for seasonal displays, and is finished along its top edge by a box hedge. Behind this a flower kiosk doubles as a coffee station, and, to the east, a new basketball court is provided.